ANS Arty Party

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ANS Arty Party In this post I’ll be letting you know what I got up to at the ANS Arty Party.  With a stunning mansion house setting, a variety of performances and some beautiful evening light; all of the ingredients … Continued

Cheap Business Phone

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Cheap Business Phone Welcome to the second in a series of business related posts on the Shuttermore Blog.  In my last business post I spoke about registering a photography business in the UK.  This time around I’ll be talking about … Continued

Marmalade Jam Night

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Marmalade Jam Night In this post I’ll be sharing tales from my latest music photography assignment, the Marmalade Jam re-launch night at the Oscar Wilde Bar.  Shooting great performers in this spectacular, intimate venue sounds like the perfect night out.  … Continued

BSB Brands Hatch 2008

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BSB Brands Hatch 2008 – Blast from the Past I was taking photos long before I started the Shuttermore site and until recently these have been hidden away on an external hard drive.  I’m going to start sharing some of … Continued

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