YouTube Photography Channels

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YouTube Photography Channels

Hi folks, I love to continually develop and review my photography related knowledge and have a great hunger for any content that helps me to do this.  In this post I’ll be explaining why I turn to YouTube to help satisfy this hunger as well as sharing a few of my current favourite YouTube Photography Channels with you.

YouTube Photography Channels

Why I like YouTube Photography Channels?

  • There are an ever increasing number of videos, I already struggle to keep up to date with the few channels I subscribe to!
  • There are a wide variety of sources with different areas of expertise and a mixture of delivery styles.
  • Unlike a text book you can interact with the person behind the video; ask questions, discuss topics, make suggestions etc.
  • You get to observe others at work in real time and hear their opinions, tips and thoughts as they do so.

Enough of that, I’m sure you’re all well versed in the world of YouTube already.  Lets get on to my current favourite YouTube Photography Channels….


Phlearn are a small company who create Photoshop and Photography tutorials.  They have been regularly posting videos to their channel since their first upload in 2012.  The majority of the videos see Aaron Nace, a friendly and knowledgable host, talk the viewer through the highlighted technique.  The tutorials are easy to follow and the production values of each video are good, showing steady improvement over the years.

“Here at Phlearn, we are dedicated to providing you with the best photography and photoshop tutorials. No ego, just help!”

I would say that this channel has more of a focus towards Photoshop and post processing but they have done many videos about photography and lighting skills too.  Aaron shares his workflow from concept to capture, right through to the end result so there is something for everyone.

One of the most popular Phlearn videos

Phlearn also sell longer tutorials through their website and these are subtly promoted in their YouTube videos but at no detriment to the overall experience.

You can find their vast collection of free videos on both the Phlearn YouTube Photography Channel or the Phlearn website.

Theoria Apophasis

Theoria Apophasis is a YouTube Photography Channel run by Ken Wheeler aka The Angry Photographer.  Ken started off on YouTube in early 2012 and commenced a steady stream of photography videos in late 2014.  Ken has had a wide spectrum of reactions to his Marmite delivery style and you will either going to love him or hate him.  Production values, until recently, have been generally low and Ken can repeat himself at times but his message is solid.

“Analyzing the nature of professional photography in its fundamental roots, getting past the gear-sniffing and measuring, and getting to the metaphysics and heart of true professional photography.”

First and foremost, Ken offers honest comparisons and advice on lenses and cameras.  His knowledge comes from years of experience with a wide range of Nikon equipment.  He gives his opinion on value for money and performance, often recommending older used lenses as his best buy.  There are also videos about technique and theory which offer much food for thought.  Ken produces his videos at such I rate I have trouble keeping up!

The most popular Angry Photographer video

Ken gets a lot of stick from his critics about appearance, delivery style, attitude, opinions on other YouTube Channels etc.  Whatever your opinion, I would encourage you to explore some of his recommendations.

You can see Ken’s videos on the Theoria Apophasis YouTube Photography Channel or on his soon to be launched website.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be sure to share more favourites soon.  Do you have an opinion about these channels?  Do you have any other channels to recommend?  Let me know in the comments below.


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